The HUB is a platform of:


  • To produce transversal contents and prospective thinking
  • To support your strategic thinking and turn it into an operational action plan.


  • To support a project in all its dimensions, including its financing
  • Integrating and aligning all the players in the transformation process


  • To carry out a 360° diagnosis
  • To build a transformation trajectory
  • To support your teams through the implementation process

Shared values, state of mind, rules and objectives, with the same desire to work together

500 people serving the same client to innovate, build, execute and deliver the promise

A unique service platform dedicated to transformation that integrates and hybridizes all skills to develop original and tailor-made solutions

The Why Factor Company brings together pure player consulting partners, technology partners and financing players to meet the integration, speed and success requirements of customer transformation projects.

The Hub’s 500 experts cover all business lines:

  • Marketing, branding, activation, influence,
  • Finance,
  • Supply chain,
  • Financing,
  • Organisation and processes,
  • Information systems,
  • Data science, etc.

The Hub is configurable according to needs.

A governance tailored to achieve your objectives

We adapt the governance of our missions with an obsession for efficiency, speed and agility of the team mobilized to reach your objectives in the shortest possible time.

A single, responsible contact person – the Customer Success Manager – for the alignment and coordination of all team members (ideally, the same thing on the customer side) who reports back to you in terms of progress and any difficulties encountered.

The Customer Success Manager will have authority over team members (regardless of their home base) and will ensure that:

  • setting goals with the client,
  • the adequacy of the means with the objectives,
  • budget and planning trade-offs,
  • project management,
  • management, committees and progress report,
  • risk management,
  • and the operational management of the experts in agile mode.

What we do

Thought Leadership

The team