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A new generation player

Consulting X Digital Entrepreneurship

The Why factor company is a consulting and digital entrepreneurship firm

– Which addresses, through diagnosis, the challenges of business transformation, performance improvement, identification and activation of growth drivers.
– Which integrates and aligns the entire processing value chain thanks to its hub bringing together more than 500 people through 11 partners,
– Which brings together the skills of the various players to offer its customers integrated systems and solutions by adopting an open, proactive and collaborative approach.

Our promise: A different approach to the identification of growth drivers and performance improvements

From diagnosis to implementation, advising, assisting, building and co-partnering with its clients to, when it makes sense, make our clients our partners by creating innovative and tailor-made solutions on issues such as business models or digital transformation.

A promise delivered in agile mode, taking care to align the interests of stakeholders, sharing risk and value creation in order to offer its clients to be rewarded on the effect and not just on the effort.


  • Transform, accelerate and pivot

  • Innovate and invest


  • Supporting our clients in strategic turn

  • Inventing, investing and delivering with our customers


  • Combining approaches, skills and know-how

  • Excubating to innovate

  • Co-partnering to accelerate

What we do

To support you in your strategic turns

We founded The Why Factor Company to help shareholders and managers in their pursuit of growth drivers and performance improvements around three main strategic directions broken down by sector or by specific challenges : LEADERSHIP, RESTART et TRANSFORMATION

A value proposition

With an innovative and integrated value proposition

Our value proposition covers all the expertise required to meet your growth and performance objectives for your transformation, innovation and acceleration plans.

Result oriented

Result orientation first

We are committed to rethinking strategic, operational and sector-specific challenges from top to bottom to provide you with a point of view, an approach and a team that supports you from diagnosis to implementation. With a different approach and business model :
– by rewarding ourselves on the effect rather than the effort
– by excubating to innovate and accelerate
– by sharing risk and value creation

We have only two priorities in mind: to achieve the agreed result together and quickly.

The HUB a Best of Breed model

A unique service platform dedicated to transformation

A HUB that integrates and combines all the skills required to design original, tailor-made solutions: a ‘Best of breed’ model to meet your challenges.

The HUB brings together pure-play consulting partners in many fields, technology partners and financing players to respond to the integration, speed and success demands of customer transformation projects.

The Hub’s 500 experts through its 11 partners cover all areas: marketing, influence, finance, activation, branding, supply chain, financing, organisation and processes, information systems, data science, strategies, business model, etc. The Hub is configurable according to customer needs.

They trust us

These early adopters who trust us

Startups, SMEs, ETIs, LBOs, large companies, in services or in industry, they have entrusted us with the diagnosis of the initial situation and then with building the most impactful and effective transformation or acceleration plan for them and their teams.

We are extremely proud to have worked with them on their operational and strategic issues.

A huge THANK YOU for your trust!

Then why work with us?

: Contact us

Then why work with us?

Because like us, you believe:

– in the ‘Best of Breed’ model rather then the ‘One Stop Shop’ one
– in the alignment of benefits
– in the partner relationship more than in the client/consultancy provider relationship

Let’s get

– in taking and sharing risk
– in a value creation based remuneration model
– in creativity and innovation more than in standards and upgrades
– in mathematics where 1 + 1 = 3!

It done