Develop a HUB integrating all skills


Hybridize approaches, skills and know-how to maximize value creation


Excubate to innovate


Co-partnering to accelerate

Shake things up to create value


Hybrid know-how and skills to enrich teams and have best of breed experts


Bring together, integrate and align the entire value chain of transformation players


Make our customers, our partners and align our interests


Reinventing the boundaries between consulting professions by favoring an open, collaborative and proactive approach

What we found

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail
Abraham Maslow

During its transformation process, the company has to deal with multiple stakeholders who are rarely coordinated and whose interests may diverge for a variety of reasons (skills, ego, economic interest, ability to intervene, etc.).

It is a time-consuming process for the company which impacts the cost, speed of execution and overall performance of the transformation.

Structural choices are made in terms of organization, deployed solutions, go to market, marketing, branding, investments, scale-up… sometimes without consultation.

Business support must be done in an open, coordinated, agile and rapid manner by aligning the interests of all stakeholders to the success of this transformation within all of its functions and within the advisors that support them

A new-generation of consulting player

The Why Factor Company integrates and align the entire transformation value chain thanks to its hub bringing together more than 500 experts and thus agregates the skills of the different players to offer business integrated systems and solutions adopting an open, proactive and collaborative approach

An original approach to business transformation

The DNA of The Why Factor Company rests on 4 pillars:

  • Hybridize skills and know-how,
  • Excubate to innovate,
  • Co-partnering  to accelerate,
  • Develop the hub integrating skills to cover all the needs (current and future) of customers.

The Why Factor Company promise:

From diagnosis to implementation, advising, assisting, building and co-partnering with its clients to, when it makes sense, make our clients partners by creating together innovative and tailor-made solutions on business model issues or digital transformation stakes, for example.

A promise delivered in agile mode while ensuring alignment of the interests of stakeholders, to share risk and value creation and to propose to its customers to be paid for the effect and not only for the effort.

A unique service platform dedicated to transformation that integrates and hybridizes all skills to develop original and tailor-made solutions

The Why Factor Company brings together pure player consulting partners, technology partners and financing players to meet the integration, speed and success requirements of customer transformation projects.

The Hub’s 500 experts cover all business lines:

  • Marketing, branding, activation, influence,
  • Finance,
  • Supply chain,
  • Financing,
  • Organisation and processes,
  • Information systems,
  • Data science, etc.

The Hub is configurable according to needs.

A new consulting player in:


Manifesto :

  • Develop a HUB integrating all skills
  • Hybridize approaches, skills and know-how to maximize value creation
  • Excubate to innovate
  • Co-partnering to accelerate

And how?

  • Agile delivery
  • Support our clients through important and strategic shifts
  • Invent, invest and deliver together with our clients

A governance tailored to achieve your objectives

We adapt the governance of our missions with an obsession for efficiency, speed and agility of the team mobilized to reach your objectives in the shortest possible time.

A single, responsible contact person – the Customer Success Manager – for the alignment and coordination of all team members (ideally, the same thing on the customer side) who reports back to you in terms of progress and any difficulties encountered.

The Customer Success Manager will have authority over team members (regardless of their home base) and will ensure that:

  • setting goals with the client,
  • the adequacy of the means with the objectives,
  • budget and planning trade-offs,
  • project management,
  • management, committees and progress report,
  • risk management,
  • and the operational management of the experts in agile mode.

What we do

The Hub

Thought Leadership