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Test, learn, win and test, again : The transformation must be done iteratively and well-planned, building on successes, to engage all employees and show that it produces tangible and measurable results.

It’s not enough to work with smart people to work smart: Agile collaborative methods, allow us to align all stakeholders and eliminate bottlenecks to traditional project modes.

The poison is in the dose, not in the thing: being clear about ambitions and expected results, communicating them and letting people know how to revise them with honesty.

Cyrille Breucq

Ceo & Partner @ The Why Factor Company

His word to talk about The Why Factor Company

Still too many transformation projects do not succeed or do not deliver on their promises for many reasons (conflicting interests, copy/paste of ready-made solutions, lack of ambition, competence, financing, coordination of the various internal and external stakeholders, etc…).The Why Factor Company is as much the answer to this situation as it is to our ambitions. To change, we want to create a new generation consulting firm which:

  • Is open to the world (anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, craft) and other professions than that of consulting (communication, operation, industry, technology) to anchor itself in real life and provide concrete, realistic and quickly operational answers,
  • Does not lock itself into a box, into methodology or into its expertise but wants to be resolutely open, creative and entrepreneurial,
  • Looks for and provides their clients with performance and growth drivers, while not forbiding anything but above all that takes a different look at business projects; a nourished and inspired look to provide new solutions and “substance” so that clients create “meaning” and gain this precious advance time by innovating convinced that performance or growth are not decreed, nor copied or applied; they are invented,
  • Finally, is willing to take risks by financing co-constructed projects with its clients.

And develop a model to:

  • Hybridize and integrate skills, professions and know-how by resolutely orienting them towards result,
  • Create a rich, original and unique value proposition that meets the integration, speed and success requirements of our clients’ transformation projects,
  • Propose different methods, different profiles for solutions that are as operational as they are integrated,
  • Advise, assist, build and partner with our clients.

The Why Factor Company is a platform of collective intelligence within which we all share similar values, the desire to work together and above all the objective of moving the lines at our clients by redefining our advisory obligations: aligning the interests of stakeholders, sharing risk and value creation in order to be paid on the effect and not just on the effort.

The Why factor Company is born: « Let’s shake things up to create value! »

Lionel Cuny

Partner@The Why Factor Company + CEO@Insign

His word to talk about The Why Factor Company

The idea to create The Why Factor Company, was born out of frustration and a meeting.

Frustrations of having heard too often for more than 20 years that I’ve been doing this job, that it’s still not up to the agency to define the repositioning strategy and to see that some competitors had taken the direction we had recommended with great success.

To think that we could put both creativity into transformation strategies and not foolishly follow patterns and also a pronounced sensitivity to the rapid growth of the top-line as a driver of transformation is an idea that seems to have the stamp of common sense but which is not so widespread.

It was also born from a meeting, because the transformation of a company, of a business, requires alignment, respect for the vision and the profession of each person, and the desire to go in the same direction.

All too often, the consultants who step into companies work in silos or generate contradictory forces that at best slow down the transformation process and at worst jeopardize it. It is a crazy and super exciting project to bring together experts from the bottom-line and the top-line to work together in order to go much further in the performance that we bring to companies.


Procrastination in the name of reducing risk actually increases risk (Colin Powel): Speed is critical and when you have between 40 and 70% of information, you have to decide and do it quickly or you will be overtaken.

Execution is strategic: “Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face,” Mike Tyson. It’s not enough to just have the best plan to succeed. Execution involves reviewing the strategy, adapting it, refining it. Those who think must also do.

Put people first : the transformation of a company is above all a question of culture, men and women and resistance to change, more than technology or process. Change management and the communication that accompanies it are critical to success.


Do not forget the past, but…: “The secret of change is to focus your energy on creating the new and not fighting the old.” Dan Millman.

Too often, the phrases “why change”, “it works very well like that”, “it’s historical” or “I’ve always worked like that” ring in our ears and have often put the brakes on many projects. It is important for transformation to carry a clear message, objectives and results to embark all the energy necessary for this change.

And if it were possible: “The skeptics say: Man cannot fly, the maker says: Maybe, but we will try.” Bruce Lee.

As a consulting firm, we must demonstrate to our clients that change is possible not by promising mountains and wonders but simply by explaining the how, supporting them in the implementation and showing them that we are willing to take risks with them.

Jean-Noël Brouchud

Partner@The Why Factor Company

His word to talk about The Why Factor Company

With the development of new technologies (robotization, artificial intelligence, digitalization…) and consulting services (big four, mid-size firms, interim managers, freelancers…), the business is in turmoil: understanding the needs and expectations of customers in order to provide them with a tailor-made solution, involving its teams to generate buy-in, aligning management and teams with the objectives are my priorities.

Gone are the days when I had to sell all the services I could offer and put my role as a consultant in the background because I was unable to say “No” to a client. The situation must change.

Many times, when working on transformation projects, I had the feeling that I had stopped in the middle of the bridge and that I had created little value: between projects that end up at the bottom of a drawer, those that are cut back by two thirds of their initial perimeter or that change x number of times in 12 months, I question myself and think that we should try something new:

  • Believe in the mixing of experiences and the meeting of different universes to deal with a need or a problem by submitting them to a collective intelligence platform: this is our way of producing a tailor-made and innovative solution.
  • Believe in the diversity of people, in their experience and in their creativity: tools and solutions are often only the means of transformation, the success of a project depends above all on the human factor.
  • Believe in risk sharing: there is no reason why a consultant should not be able to share the risk with a client and thereby strengthen the relationship and credibility through a common will and interest to succeed, together.

The Why Factor Company embraces this vision of change and wants to be a new kind of player that moves the lines to create maximum value in minimum time: « Shake things up to create value ».

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